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Diablo Immortal: Streamer spends $ 100,000, but now the game can’t find him any more games


The compulsive and crazy purchases, then the humiliating prank: an avid Diablo Immortal player spent over $ 100,000 in micro-transactions to enhance his character, basically ending up in limbo that prevents him from playing with other players.

The protagonist of this story is the content creator jtisallbusiness , a streamer who broadcasts his gaming sessions on Twitch.

Since its launch, Diablo Immortal has been heavily criticized by gamers and the press for its overly aggressive game economy. A model defined by many pay-to-win , where not only micro-transactions are essential to rapidly progress in level, but it is also necessary to spend crazy amounts to reach the level cap. According to a rough estimate, around $ 100,000 is required to fully upgrade a character.

And jtisallbusiness really wanted to test this theory. The problem is that after spending so much money live, the streamer was no longer able to connect to the lobbies. It is probably the fault of the game’s MMR , the algorithms designed to insert users into games with players of a similar level to theirs. By spending $ 100,000, jtisallbusiness has reached too high a level and there are no other players in the community to play with.

Jtisallbusiness has announced that it has initiated a dialogue with the assistance of Blizzard , in the hope of being reimbursed for the money spent, or at least to find a solution to the problem with them. The streamer also announced that in the event that his requests are not met, he will turn to his lawyers. It is not so wrong: spending $ 100,000 for not even being able to play seems like a beautiful and good injustice.


  has rewarded Activision Blizzard’s aggressive strategy. In just 8 weeks, Diablo Immortal has already generated over $ 100 million in micro-transactions. For the shareholders of the company this is excellent news, for the players a little less: the risk is that the pay-to-win model based on random Loot will come back into fashion, after it seemed that it had been replaced once and for all by forms of healthier monetization.


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