Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen? Unsolved murder for 26 years!

A murder committed on Christmas 1996 in the USA froze the blood of not only the country but the whole world. 6-year-old JonBenét Ramsey, whose death was the subject of documentaries, was not just an innocent child, but a ‘child beauty queen’, America’s lover. The murder case is still not clear…

The Murder , which was committed on a Christmas night 26 years ago, still continues to make the whole world live in sadness and curiosity, thanks to the researches and documentaries made about the Americans.


American child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was strangled to death in 1996 after being hit on the head with a hard object.


Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?

His body was found in the basement of his house


A long, handwritten ransom note has been found in the home for the boy who was murdered at the age of six in his family’s home in Boulder, Colorado. Her father, John, found the girl’s body in their basement about seven hours after she was reported missing.


The poor boy whose skull was broken and suffocated as a result of a blow to the head was found with the cord strangling him around his neck.

The autopsy report stated that the official cause of death for JonBenét was ‘asphyxia with suffocation associated with craniocerebral trauma’. His death was considered a murder.

The case drew worldwide public and media attention after her mother, Patsy Ramsey, a former beauty queen, threw JonBenét into a series of children’s beauty pageants.

The murder is still considered an unsolved case and its investigation is open at the Boulder Police Department.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?

ransom note found at home



Amateur investigators urged the Boulder Police Department to retest key pieces of evidence for the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey using modern DNA and genealogy technology to finally find her killer.

Investigators say JonBenet Ramsey’s nail samples, pajama bottoms and underwear that look like the long johns she was wearing when she was killed, must pass DNA testing.

Cindy Smit-Marra and a team of volunteer researchers urged police to retest the DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear, long johns and nail scrapers.

Cindy Smit-Marra is the daughter of Lou Smit, the head of the first detective team investigating this murder.

Lou Smit was the first to suggest that the little girl’s killers were someone who broke into the house, not her parents.

In those years, Smit tried to clear the family, which attracted all the suspicions and had a lot of evidence against them; claimed that the murderer was a stranger who had broken into the house.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?



The Boulder Police Department did not respond to this external investigation team’s request.

According to the US Sun, Smit-Marra and cold case (unsolved murder) investigator John Anderson said, “The Ramseys didn’t do that, and this case could be solved using DNA evidence the killer left at the crime scene.”

Persisting in this, the team believe that modern DNA tracing techniques—including the use of genealogy databases—may finally be able to identify the killer of the pageant queen, because these methods have not been tested on evidence before.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?

Is the little girl’s killers her own family?


Had he lived, JonBenet would have celebrated his 32nd birthday last Saturday.

“The Boulder Police Department is regularly meeting with multiple organizations regarding this investigation, including private laboratories, the FBI, CBI, the District Attorney’s Office, and others,” said Boulder police, in a statement via social media about the murder, which resurfaced with his birthday.

The reinvestigation effort is being funded through a GoFundMe campaign and is progressing thanks to a request by the Ramsey family to Colorado Governor Jared Police to turn the investigation over to a private investigative firm from Boulder.

The family was believed to be guilty in the bizarre murder of the child beauty queen. One explanation has been that JonBenet’s mother, Patsy, strangled the girl in a fit of rage after she discovered she had wet the bed.

The family’s innocence was assessed by investigators only after Smit’s ‘intruder theory’ assumed that a random intruder could be the culprit.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?



Boulder police initially suspected that the ransom note was written by Patsy and that JonBenét’s note and the appearance of his body were staged by his family to cover up the murder.

In 1998, the police and district attorney (DA) said that JonBenét’s brother, Burke, who was nine at the time of his death, was not a suspect.

JonBenét’s parents gave several television interviews, but resisted police questioning.

In October 2013, unsealed court documents revealed that the 1999 grand jury recommended bringing charges against the Ramseys for allowing the boy to be in a threatening situation.

John and Patsy were also charged with obstructing the trial of an unidentified person who ‘committed first degree murder and child abuse resulting in death’.

However, the prosecutor decided that there was not enough evidence for a solid indictment.

In 2002, the prosecutor’s successor took over the investigation of the case from the police, primarily following the theory that an intruder committed the murder.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?



In 2003, the DNA trace from the victim’s clothing was found to belong to an unidentified man; each of the family’s DNAs was excluded from this pairing.

The prosecutor sent a letter of apology to the Ramseys in 2008, declaring that the family had been “fully cleared” with the DNA results.

Others, including former Boulder police chief Mark Beckner, have opposed the Ramseys’ acquittal, describing the DNA as little evidence that has not been proven to have any connection to the crime.

On February 11, 2009, Boulder police took the case back from the prosecutor and reopened the investigation.

Did her parents kill the 6-year-old beauty queen, 26 years of unsolved murder?

The world has never forgotten this face since 1996



National and international media coverage of the case focused on JonBenét’s short beauty pageant career, as well as her parents’ wealth and the unusual evidence found in the case.

Media reports questioned how the police handled the investigation. Ramsey family members and friends sued various media outlets for defamation.

*The photos used in the article are from various news agencies and, The Guardian, CNN Int. used on news sites such as; selected from photos provided by family and police department



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