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Did not reach 7 points: Forspoken for PlayStation 5 and PC received the first ratings and ended up in the yellow zone


The first reviews of Forspoken, the new role-playing game published by Square Enix, created by the Luminous Productions team, consisting of the authors of Final Fantasy XV, have appeared on the network. 

The novelty was received quite coolly. On review aggregator Metacritic, it currently holds an average score of 68. On OpenCritic – 69 points


Reviewers’ reviews are very mixed. The press scolds and praises the game for a variety of elements, but most reviewers agree that almost every successful idea or system is accompanied by an unsuccessful implementation, as a result of which Forspoken never reaches its potential. 

Most of all, the Forspoken script got it  almost none of the players who played it praised it. There is a general crumpled presentation, as well as an abundance of inexpressive dialogues that greatly spoil the overall perception of what is happening on the screen. 

IGN – 6/10

“Forspoken has a flashy combat system and parkour mechanics, but they’re not enough to cover the clichéd storyline and empty open world.” 

GameInformer – 7.5/10


“The story and combat system of Forspoken fails to reach their potential and match the quality of the movement mechanics and the fun of exploring the open world. Fortunately, the last two elements are what you will be doing most of your playthrough.”

GameSpot – 5/10

“Forspoken has a beautiful art and good music, but the boring combat system, weak characters and bad parkour mechanics are disappointing.”

Shacknews – 6/10

“Forspoken’s magical parkour is a mechanic with a lot of potential and is fun to interact with. At the very least, it offers an atypical system for moving around locations. However, the parkour, combat system and open world are clearly not enough to ignore the many problems that are in the game. The main one is the main character Frey Holland herself”.

VG247 – 3/5

“The crumpled beginning greatly distracts from the interesting combat system, which is a pleasure to explore. However, by the time it begins to fully open up, the game is definitely worth quitting.”

TheGamer – 4.5/5


“Forspoken is a clunky project with ridiculous dialogue and characters, but the gameplay really shines here.”

Hardcore Gamer – 2/5

“Luminous Productions’ fresh start has turned out to be a boring, underdeveloped game for the studio that just doesn’t keep you interested.”

gamerant – 3/5

“Forspoken promises you an interesting world and a deep system of magic spells, but the project could not deliver its content in a worthy execution.”

The global premiere of Forspoken will take place tomorrow, January 24th. The game will only be released on PlayStation 5 and PC. 

Did not reach 7 points: Forspoken for PlayStation 5 and PC received the first ratings and ended up in the yellow zone
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