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Discord is included by Roskomnadzor in the register of social networks

Roskomnadzor on the evening of March 12 announced the expansion of the register of social networks. It included Discord and Yappy platforms. The agency sent the owners a notice of inclusion in the register indicating the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.



Since February 2021, the law on self-control of social networks (No. 530-FZ) has been in force, according to which Internet platforms are required to independently identify and block illegal content. For user complaints about the posting of such content, social networks are required to have a feedback form.


The register of social networks includes resources on which users disseminate information using personal pages, and there is also advertising aimed at Russian consumers. The daily traffic of such resources should be more than 500 thousand Russian users per day.



If sites included in the register do not comply with the law on self-control, they face a fine of up to 8 million rubles.


The register of social networks also includes VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, TikTok, Likee, YouTube, Telegram, LiveJournal, Pikabu, Pinterest, Zen, RuTube, Twitch.


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