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dog Baron Returns in ‘Happy Together’ Continuation


The upcoming series “Bukins,” a follow-up to “Happy Together,” not only welcomes back the original characters but also introduces a new addition to the Bukins family – dog Baron, the dog. Mash reports on this exciting development.


In the original series, several different dogs, including the late Byra, took on the role of dog Baron. However, for the new installment of “Bukins,” the producers have successfully cast a fresh face to step into Baron’s paws.Baron Returns in 'Happy Together' Continuation

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the absence of Tolik and Lena Poleno in the upcoming season was a deliberate choice made by the producers. In their place, viewers can anticipate the arrival of new characters, one of whom will be portrayed by actor Mikhail Tarabukin, known for his role as Fedya in “Kitchen.” As for the storyline, it will revolve around the now-grown Sveta and Roma, who embark on the journey of introducing their significant others to their family.

Excitement for “Bukins” has been building, and recently, sneak peek photos of the cast surfaced online, giving fans their first glimpse of the actors in their new roles. Despite the buzz, an official release date for the series has yet to be announced.

Fans of “Happy Together” are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite characters in “Bukins,” with the promise of new faces and fresh adventures. As Baron joins the family, and Sveta and Roma navigate the challenges of introducing their partners, viewers can anticipate a blend of nostalgia and novelty in this highly anticipated continuation of the beloved series. Stay tuned for updates on when the Bukins will make their triumphant return to the screen.


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