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Domestic game startup Agave Games received a seed investment of 7 million dollars

Agave Games’ $7 million seed investment round was led by London-based Balderton Capital.

We have conveyed to you many times in the past that mobile gaming startups, which have become one of the most popular areas of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, come up with new investments every day. Agave Games , which completed its pre-core investment round in September of last year, announced that it has received a new investment.


According to the information provided by Agave Games, the venture received an investment of 7 million dollars in the seed investment round . Agave Games’ $7 million seed investment round was led by London-based Balderton Capital . Let’s also share that Balderton Capital is among the investors of Dream Games , one of the most important initiatives of our mobile game ecosystem.

In addition to Balderton Capital, Felix Capital and 500 Istanbul also participated in the said investment tour . To remind you, 500 Istanbul also participated in Agave Games’ pre-core investment tour last year. According to the information provided by Agave Games, the startup will use the new investment of $ 7 million to grow its team as well as develop casual puzzle games for both iOS and Android platforms over the next 18 years.

Domestic game startup Agave Games received a seed investment of 7 million dollars
Agave Games founders

Founded in Istanbul by Alper Öner , Burak Kar , Baran Terzioğlu and Oğuzhan Merdivenli , Agave Games currently has a team of 12 people. The startup, which focuses on causal puzzle games for the moment, aims to present its first game in the future.

Stating that they have the opportunity to benefit from their experience in the mobile game industry to create the most common and long-lasting casual puzzle game on the market, Agave Games co-founder and CEO Alper Öner added that it is very important for them to have the support of Balderton and Felix Capital.

Making statements about the investment, Enis Hulli , one of the 500 Global partners, stated that Agave Games has a successful team that can attract both the right investors and important talents, with the vision of being a strong game company that will emerge from Turkey.



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