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Double intro for the open world action anime Wuthering Waves

Chinese studio Kuro Game has published an introductory video for the open-world anime action game Wuthering Waves . More precisely, two introductory videos at once, because in one video we are first shown a version of the intro with a male protagonist, and then with a female one.



At the same time, the developers announced that the second closed beta test will start on February 19.




Wuthering Waves is a story-driven game with an open world and a high degree of freedom. A vast new world awaits you, filled with original sights and newfangled technologies.


In Wuthering Waves, users can easily switch between heroes, and each of them has unique abilities: someone teleports from enemy to enemy, and someone pours lead on everyone. Most of all, the game resembles Genshin Impact.




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