Dr Disrespect ends his cause with Twitch


It has not been long since, following the ban of Dr Disrespect on the platform, the well-known streamer decided to sue Twitch , since everything happened for unknown reasons. There was talk of big damage to reputation and lost earnings, with the whole, however, that has now ended.

Somehow, the lawsuit is over and there have been no problems for either party, perhaps following a clarification of the Amazon platform towards the streamer, perhaps because some kind of unknown deal has been reached, for now we are not given to know.

Certainly this is a somewhat unexpected event, considering that it is not yet clear what caused the ban and why Disrespect finally found Twitch no longer guilty of the accusations by ending the case, but perhaps it is better to say that all is well what ends. well.

Obviously, the question that anyone who has ever followed the streamer is asking is about his alleged return to live on Twitch following the peace made, but unfortunately we have a negative confirmation in this sense, at least for the moment.




  • DrDisrespect settles his lawsuit with Twitch (PCGamer)


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