Drug operation in Bodrum! Luxury yacht trying to escape was stopped by firing

A breathtaking chase took place between a Coast Guard boat and a luxury yacht in the Bodrum district of Muğla. The boat, which was wanted to be stopped due to the drug report, did not stop despite the warnings and was stopped by firing when it was about to leave Turkish territorial waters.

According to the information received, a chase took place between the 27-meter-long luxury Yacht with the US flag and the Coast Guard boat off the coast of Yalikavak in the morning hours of the previous day. Allegedly, the yacht, which fled by not complying with the ‘Stop’ warning of the Coast Guard teams, who took action after receiving a tip that there was Drugs On Board, Headed For Greek Territorial Waters. Coast Guard teams continued to follow the yacht.



It was learned that the crews’ yacht was about to enter Greek territorial waters and stopped by forcefully opening fire. The Coast Guard teams, who crashed into the yacht from the side, detained 4 people inside the yacht.

The crews, who searched for a long time in the yacht, did not go unnoticed that the people caught did not have a mobile phone on them, and that there was only one phone on the boat. The chase moments were viewed by some citizens living in the region. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.


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