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Due to experience farmers in Helldivers 2, the community is losing planets to Automatons

Forget about bugs and bots, Helldivers 2 players have a new enemy: farmers.



Helldivers 2 saw a massive Automaton offensive earlier this month, sending players quickly to new frontiers to fend off the creepy robots. However, the nature of campaigns against Automaton armies has led to many players leaving the squad before the campaign is fully completed, leaving abandoned squad members with an unbearable burden on their shoulders.


A post on Reddit sums it up very well . What happens: Some players in the squad linger on shorter missions in the campaign that are more often assassination-oriented, and then leave the squad after completing that short mission, leaving before the entire squad can complete extraction or extraction missions.



By leaving the game early, players try to farm experience in the fastest kill-based missions. However, as the post points out, they are wrong because rewards for victories and defeats in campaigns are only paid after completing the entire campaign, and not after each mission. So in reality, “farmers” farm almost nothing.


Accordingly, units do not complete campaigns against Automatons or even lose due to a lack of fighters. This allows the Automaton forces to retake part of the planet, slowing down the Galactic War with the robots, who are gradually advancing towards Super-Earth.


No one expects to beat the Automatons or even Terminids in every campaign, but when one player sabotages the campaign for other players, it’s very annoying. Hopefully, developer Arrowhead Game Studios is aware of the problem and will take appropriate action.


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