“Dune 2” is the most popular film among Russian pirates in March

Dune 2

Analysts FAS.S.T. published the traditional top list of the most popular films among Russian pirates. This time – for March 2024. We remind you that the selection is based on the number of illegal copies of films detected on the Internet per month.


The leader of the past month was the film “Dune: Part Two”. The film is still being released overseas, but the official digital release date is unknown. The second place was taken by the remake of “Road House” by Doug Liman with Jake Gyllenhaal.


Rounding out the top five are “The Poor Miserables,” “Argyle” and “The Maiden and the Dragon.”


  • “Dune: Part Two”


  • “House by the Road”


  • “Poor Unfortunate”


  • “Argyll”


  • “The Maiden and the Dragon”


  • “The Bremen Town Musicians”


  • “Ricky Stanicki”


  • “Code 8: Part 2”


  • “Astronaut”


  • “Perfect Days”

The Pirates’ February favorite was “The Beekeeper” with Jason Statham.

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