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Dungeonborne, Stormgate and Pacific Drive Top 50 Most Played Demos at Steam Next Fest

Valve has published the Top 50 most popular demos from the latest Steam Next Fest. The leaders were the dungeon crawler RPG Dungeonborne, the strategy Stormgate, and the atmospheric survival simulator among the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest Pacific Drive.


Further rounding out the top ten were space RTS Homeworld 3, auto battler Backpack Battles, zombie sandbox Dread Dawn, turn-based strategy Millennia, collectible card game Balatro, co-op dungeon crawler Rotwood and metroidvania Deviator.

You can view the full list here. Overall, a very diverse mix of genres and themes. It’s interesting that there are few horror games at the top, although there are interesting representatives among the demo versions.

Valve said in a press release:

At this festival, games were added to Wishlist more than 3 million times – this is a new record!


Last year, indie developers noted an unprecedented level of engagement at this year’s Steam Next Fest. The event greatly helps small studios in the fight for the precious attention of players, which leads to the development and improvement of titles in the future.


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