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Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode Preview Shows Off the Ability to Grab an Enemy by the Teeth

Bay 12 and Kitfox have released new information regarding the updated adventure mode for Dwarf Fortress . The announcement itself focuses on the battle menu and the actions in it – Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams presented the basics of the interface and how it works.



In the video, three adventurers – Dwarf, Man and Wombat Man – go to fight a camp of goblin bandits who are disturbing local trade.

The most interesting thing for Dwarf Fortress connoisseurs will probably be the demonstration of the battle menu at about the sixth minute with a fairly extensive list of things that can be grabbed by the enemy. Of course, there are the usual options like a hand, a weapon and the like, but also very specific ones. For example, individual fingers or specific teeth.



The video also demonstrates squad control in tactical mode, where orders can be given to each member of the adventuring party and they will be carried out simultaneously. It looks good: you need to switch between your little heroes as you need to give commands – for example, how to block an attack.


The video features some more dynamic Adventure Mode background sounds, but Kitfox notes that these are still in development.


The updated adventure mode for the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress is scheduled for release in the coming months.


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