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Dying Light 2 received the biggest update since release – added firearms and improved graphics

Techland has released an update for Dying Light 2 called Firearms. The patch became available on the second anniversary of the zombie action game, and the developers say that this is the largest update since launch.



The key new feature of the patch was the appearance of firearms. Techland not only added guns to Dying Light 2 , but also justified it in the plot – a special quest Lost Armory became available for this. For logging into the game before March 7, you will be given a Harran pistol.

The following are now available in the game: pistols, submachine guns, rifles and shotguns

Quest boards have new tasks – even old friends from the first part, Tolga and Fatin, will appear



There are survival missions and “elite” missions – difficult tasks that can be completed in co-op or alone; For completion, you are given caretaker tokens – they can be spent on various items and weapons


Graphic improvements for Dying Light 2 – upgraded vegetation, added variety to interiors, made some locations more realistic, replaced or improved car models, more storytelling through the environment, new skyboxes, edits to lighting, fabrics, hair and water reflections


New enemy type – Renegade Grenadier


New night (Nocturnal) weapons – mace, ax and more


Legends Level Improvements


Dying Light 2 is available on PC and consoles of both generations.


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