Dyson’s augmented reality app shows you where you’ve already vacuumed

Dyson has developed a new feature that uses your smartphone’s sensors to virtually paint over areas where you’ve already vacuumed. This way you can see if you missed any place. It’s so difficult to do this without a smartphone!

The feature, called CleanTrace, uses the lidar scanner found in the iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max and older. To work, you need to attach your phone to the vacuum cleaner. So far, the only Dyson model compatible with a smartphone holder (sold separately) is the $1,000 Gen5detect. The cost of the mount itself is still unknown. Dyson plans to add the new feature to its mobile app as a free update in June.

The idea for CleanTrace was born because “consumers vacuum in a chaotic and inefficient manner, going over the same spots over and over again and skipping others entirely.” Dyson came to this conclusion thanks to data on the characteristics of cleaning and use of equipment that the company has collected over the years.

Dyson admits that the idea for CleanTrace was inspired by robot vacuum cleaners. But the fact is that most robot vacuum cleaners cost hundreds of dollars less (not Dyson’s, though) and even the most budget models save you from having to vacuum yourself. Of course, robot vacuums aren’t perfect and can miss some spots, which is why manual models still exist.

Ironically, Gen5detect already has built-in features designed to detect dust and debris that might go unnoticed. For example, green lighting at a certain angle, making dust visible. The CleanTrace mount should provide an extra level of peace of mind for clean-obsessed people. It’s unclear whether the app uses any information from the vacuum cleaner itself to ensure it cleans thoroughly. Otherwise, it is not very clear why it cannot work with any other vacuum cleaner. And the mount can be 3D printed very cheaply, without the need to buy an official one.

Perhaps someone will get inspired and release a similar application for any vacuum cleaners.


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