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EA has cut its Apex Legends development team

At the end of February, EA announced layoffs of 670 employees, which, as it became known this week, also affected Respawn Entertainment. The publisher has fired an undisclosed number of developers on the Apex Legends team, according to former employees.



IGN sources write that about 20 Respawn Entertainment employees have been laid off, and the layoff process will be completed by the end of the month. Among those fired are PR specialists and community managers.


The media emphasizes that EA is not going to reduce its investment in Apex Legends – the franchise still plays a huge role for the publisher.



The current Apex Legends team notes that they parted ways with veterans who worked on the popular battle royale for 3 to 5 years. One of the employees wrote that he was fired in a rather rude and cold manner.


Today during the trial I was treated so coldly and inhumanely. I was just thrown out like trash.

As part of the cuts, EA also canceled a Star Wars first-person shooter that Respawn Entertainment was working on. In addition to Apex Legends, the studio is working on a Star Wars Jedi threequel and a strategy game in the universe.


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