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EA Sports FC 24 released in early access – the game has been translated into Russian



Electronic Arts (EA) has once again set the gaming arena ablaze with the debut of EA Sports FC 24. On the 22nd of September, this highly anticipated sports simulator made its grand entrance through the early access portal, granting gamers a preliminary taste of the immersive experience soon to be unleashed. In the forthcoming narrative, we shall navigate the critical particulars encircling this groundbreaking release, from its notable separation from the FIFA franchise to the tantalizing prospects awaiting players on the virtual playing field.


The Estrangement from FIFA

One of the most momentous metamorphoses within EA Sports FC 24 resides in its detachment from the FIFA nomenclature. The licensing accord with FIFA, which EA, as the publisher, was endeavoring to extend, unfortunately, proved elusive. Consequently, EA embarked on its journey sans the FIFA appellation. Nevertheless, aficionados of the series can rest assured; the foundational constituents and the gameplay itself have undergone minimal alterations.

The Contents Encompassed

Despite the conspicuous absence of the FIFA insignia, EA Sports FC 24 continues to proffer a comprehensive soccer sojourn. The game lays claim to the prerogatives of preeminent European championships and competitions, thereby ensuring that enthusiasts can savor their preferred leagues and teams, precisely as they have in antecedent renditions of the franchise. Whether one’s allegiance lies with the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or any other major European league, this virtual arena welcomes all.

Russian Linguistic Embellishment

A prominent augmentation incorporated within EA Sports FC 24 is its integration of the Russian idiom. For the inaugural time, players can immerse themselves in the Russian language within the game, complete with fully articulated dialogues. This diversification of linguistic alternatives widens the aperture, enabling a more extensive demographic to bask in the game’s immersive universe, thereby augmenting its accessibility and allure for those who converse in the Russian tongue.

Initial Availability and Rollout Timetable

As earlier delineated, EA Sports FC 24 debuted through the early access channel on the 22nd of September. However, the doorway to this gaming realm does not swing open uniformly for all players. The privileged clientele who have secured the Deluxe Edition or subscribed to EA Play Pro are accorded instantaneous ingress to the gaming sphere. Conversely, standard subscription holders on gaming consoles are granted a ten-hour provisional expedition into the realm to whet their appetite for the impending adventure.


The full-fledged launch of EA Sports FC 24 is scheduled to unfurl on the 29th of September. Players can anticipate indulging in the game across a multifarious array of platforms, encompassing the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the realm of personal computing. EA’s sweeping platform outreach ensures that gaming aficionados from diverse corners of the globe can partake in this enthralling odyssey.


In summary, the inauguration of EA Sports FC marks a captivating divergence from the FIFA sphere while preserving the quintessence of what engenders affection amongst its enthusiasts. With the incorporation of Russian localization and the provision of early access privileges, EA is manifestly committed to engendering a more all-encompassing gaming milieu. Therefore, whether one is a seasoned FIFA enthusiast or a neophyte to the realm of soccer gaming, EA Sports FC proffers the pledge of an indelible odyssey.

Frequently Inquired Queries

1. Does EA Sports FC 24 extend to all gaming platforms?

Certainly, EA Sports FC will be accessible across an expansive spectrum of platforms, encompassing the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and personal computers.

2. Is it feasible to engage with EA Sports FC 24 in the Russian tongue?

Indubitably! EA Sports FC affords the Russian populace the opportunity for linguistic immersion, complete with vocal articulation, thereby fostering a more immersive interaction.

3. When is the anticipated date for the comprehensive release of EA Sports FC 24?

The comprehensive launch of EA Sports FC is slated for the 29th of September.

4. What distinguishes early access from the ten-hour trial option?

Consumers who have procured the Deluxe Edition or embraced EA Play Pro acquire instantaneous access, whereas conventional subscription holders on gaming consoles are bestowed with a ten-hour preliminary sojourn.

5. In terms of gameplay, does EA Sports FC 24 parallel FIFA?

Indeed, notwithstanding the rift from the FIFA branding, EA Sports FC conserves the intrinsic gameplay facets cherished by adherents of the series.


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