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Elden Ring: A fan made a Wandering Mausoleum in LEGO

Elden Ring meets LEGO in this wonderful fan made work. A game enthusiast has recreated one of the Wandering Mausoleums that dominate the lush landscapes of the Interregnum using only the famous colored bricks. Below you can admire the final result.Elden Ring: A fan made a Wandering Mausoleum in LEGO

The author of this stunning work is the Reddit user known as  HoboSapient who claimed to have used around  5000 LEGO bricks to build the Mausoleum. According to the author himself, his version of the Wandering Mausoleum should weigh about 13.6 kg and required the use of  LEGO Technic pieces, that is LEGO pieces of the highest quality and capable of giving greater stability to the structure.

With regard to the pieces used, the author also confessed to having used bricks that he has been collecting for over twenty years and supplied directly from his trusted LEGO Store  with the  Pick-a-Brick formula .

Still on the subject of LEGO and video games, we remind you that a few weeks ago the new LEGO set dedicated to the iconic Atari 2600 , the console that marked an era, was announced.

  • Wondering Mausoleum that I built with LEGO (


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