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Elden Ring: announced the complete official guide of the game


FromSoftware and Kadokawa have announced an  Official Complete Guide to Elden Ring, a book consisting of over 600 pages with many exclusive contents and secrets to reveal. Specifically, the guide will contain:

  • Maps for all dungeons in the game
  • The location of items, equipment and NPCs
  • Information on quest progression and main story
  • A guide on how to reach all the endings and on events, missions and NPCs that can be easily missed
  • Detailed explanation on gameplay systems, status effects, features, weapon upgrades and War Ashes
  • New Game + strategies and tips
  • Guides and strategies for the over 100 bosses of the game, with their characteristics, attacks and weaknesses

For the moment, the complete official Elden Ring guide has been announced only for the Japanese market , but it is not excluded that the guide may also arrive in the West, given the enormous success of the title. After all, it is not only a useful tool for anyone wishing to explore the Interregnum more deeply, but also a splendid collector’s item. 

The release date for the complete official Elden Ring guide on Amazon Japan is set for July 22, 2022 and will be sold at a price of 2970 yen (about 21 euros), for now only in print and not digital version.


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