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Elden Ring: Introducing the super deformed mini figures of Melina and Raging Wolf


Tamashii Nations, a subsidiary of Bandai Spirits, unveiled two super deformed mini figures of Elden Ring , one of Melina and the other of the Raging Wolf armor. The presentation video, which you find below, allows us to admire the extreme care and richness of details that characterize these two splendid statuettes.

The mini figure of Melina and the Raging Wolf Armor, about 9 centimeters high, will also be equipped with additional parts for further customization and for changing poses. But not only that: Melina’s cloak can be removed as well as Raging Wolf’s sword. The Elden Ring mini figures dedicated to Melina and Raging Wolf will be officially released during October this year . While the pre-orders will start on May 26, 2022 and each statuette will cost 2,970 yen (about 23 euros ).

The two mini figures of Melina and Raging Wolf will be on sale on the official website that you can find at this address. 




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