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Elden Ring: patch 1.05 available, here are all the details


Elden Ring is updated with the arrival of patch 1.05 for all platforms. The update introduces several changes and numerous bug fixes. According to the notes published by Bandai Namco, the team has made several changes to improve the performance of the game.

 The stability of online multiplayer has also been improved  for the  PS5 and PS4 versions , while  loading times  have been made faster  for the Xbox Series X | S editions. On  PC , however , support for mouse and keyboard has been improved , while at the same time fixing a bug that  worsened performance  after changing the type of screen and resolution. Also, the option to  go back to the desktop directly on the main menu has been added.

Thanks to the update, the purchase of some ashy globes at the Resti delle Leggidita at the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda will also be transferred to subsequent games. Another change is the addition of sound effects to the invocation signs , which will let you always know when new ones will be added.

Before leaving, we remind you that Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X.


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