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Elden Ring Player Defeats Boss Margite Using Morse Code

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is already a challenging game, but what if you only have one button at your disposal? This is exactly how streamer Silithur plays the game, tapping the Morse code button to control the character and pave the way through Between-Earth. He had already managed to defeat Margite in an incredibly intense battle, leaving the hero with only a drop of health.


Before Margit, the streamer warmed up on the giant, testing the controls using a smaller button – and then victory was given to him at the last moment, with a minimum of health. I had to tinker with Margit and start over again several times.

After several attempts, the streamer changed the button to a more impressive big red one and finally won. But Margite is only the first of many bosses, as Silithur intends to complete the game using Morse code. Let’s see how he copes with Malenia.

Of course, one button is not enough to attack, heal, dodge and move. Silizur is limited to a single interface for everything – even in the menus, it only uses Morse code. This means frequent tapping when changing equipment, dialogues with NPCs, upgrading equipment, navigating the map, etc.

Meanwhile, the second anniversary of Elden Ring is approaching, and FromSoftware is still not sharing the details of the massive addition – apparently, it’s not worth waiting for it before the fall. But during this time, gamers have come up with many creative ways to maintain interest in the game.

Some people engage in modding, others play through the game in increasingly strange ways, others create epic art books, and others publish 35-hour lectures about lore and history.


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