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Elden Ring’s famous sidekick “Let Me Solo Her” is retiring

After defeating Malenia over 6,000 times in 1,200 hours in Elden Ring, the legendary Let Me Solo Her has announced his retirement. In an interview with IGN , he said that he had had his fill of Malenia battles and was happy to help thousands of players beat this boss.



However, he may return to defeat the DLC boss, but it all depends on how Shadow of the Erdtree turns out.


  • Everyone knows that FromSoftware loves making DLC bosses the strongest (like Gale). I accept the challenge and hope that new fans of the genre will also love the high difficulty. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll solo the newest boss. I need to look at him.

FromSoftware has revealed that the boss battles in Shadow of the Erdtree will be on par with Malenia’s difficulty, so if Let Me Solo Her remains retired, we’ll have to conquer the DLC on our own… unless other players take up the baton – a few have already appeared copycats, and the trailer is full of promising bosses to build a reputation on.



Alternatively, players are calling for the addition of the Let Me Solo Her NPC. Whether it’s a silent, dark call or the Ashes of the Spirit, fans want to immortalize this community member and use his talents even after he retires.


Regardless, retirement is a fitting end to Let Me Solo Her. Not only did he destroy Malenia over 6,000 times, but he also beat a version of the game where every enemy was replaced by Malenia. For his services, he received a cocktail in his honor, a mod that adds him to the game, and a “special gift” from FromSoftware.


Shadow of the Erdtree is set to release on June 21st, so there’s time to prepare for the DLC and help other players along the way.


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