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Elder Scrolls VI Exclusively on Xbox – No PlayStation 5 Release

In recent interviews, Xbox head Phil Spencer has indicated that Microsoft has yet to finalize the platforms for the release of The Elder Scrolls VI. This uncertainty has given PlayStation fans a glimmer of hope for a potential multi-platform release. However, it appears that within the company, this matter has long been settled.


Today, newly surfaced documents, prepared by Microsoft lawyers for last summer’s proceedings with the US Federal Trade Commission, unequivocally confirm that The Elder Scrolls VI will be exclusively available on Xbox and PC. Gamers can anticipate its release in 2026 or beyond.Media: Don't wait for The Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation 5 - Microsoft plans to make the game an Xbox exclusive

During the trial concerning the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, voiced the difficulty of predicting the gaming landscape at the time of Bethesda’s next RPG release. He remarked, “It’s challenging to foresee… this game is so distant that envisioning the available platforms upon its launch is a daunting task.”

Currently, there are no intentions to port Redfall to alternative platforms. Additionally, as previously announced, Starfield will remain an exclusive title.

The unveiling of The Elder Scrolls VI took place in 2018, accompanied by a brief teaser. Todd Howard has consistently emphasized that Bethesda’s focus would shift to its development only after the launch of Starfield.


Looking ahead, the exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls VI signifies a significant development in Microsoft’s strategy, underscoring its commitment to enhancing the Xbox and PC gaming experience. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the gaming industry and sets the stage for an exciting future for fans of the franchise.


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