Electric car Lexus RZ 450e went on sale in Russia


In Russia, you can purchase the Lexus RZ 450e electric crossover on order. The car enters the Russian Federation from China under the parallel import system, its cost is 7,615,000 rubles, the resource reported on January 23.

The Lexus RZ 450e was the brand’s first mass-produced electric car and the first unparalleled model in its history with an internal combustion engine. The length of the machine is 4805 mm. Thus, the Lexus electric car turned out to be 115 mm longer than its closest competitor, the Toyota bZ4X electric crossover. The wheelbase of the cars is the same (2850 mm), and the battery pack is designed for the same 71.4 kW / h.

Experts noted that so far the Lexus RZ has only one version – with two electric motors with a total power of 313 hp. (204 hp – on the front axle and 109 hp – on the rear). In combination with them, the proprietary Direct4 all-wheel-drive system works, which constantly redistributes traction between the wheels, optimizing energy consumption and driving performance of the car as a whole. The power reserve on a full battery charge is stated at 362 km.


An orange Lexus RZ 450e with a gray velor interior and a gray crossover with a leather interior are available for order in the Russian Federation. The electric crossover from Lexus debuted in April 2022. The car is built on the platform on which classmates Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra are made.

On December 6, Lexus announced that the successor to the prototype Lexus LFA (Lexus Electrified Sport) electric car will receive a simulated manual transmission. The future serial supercar will acquire a gear lever and a clutch pedal that will not be connected to the power plant – the imitation of mechanics will be solved at the software level. Lexus engineers are now working on making the supercar handle like a sports car with a traditional internal combustion engine. The novelty is tipped to return the power plant at the level of 700 hp.

Electric car Lexus RZ 450e went on sale in Russia
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