Elon Musk bought Twitter: it’s official


There has been talk for some time about the possible acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk , with the entrepreneur who made an offer of $ 54.20 per share, which was officially accepted by the company.

The total figure was 44 billion dollars , certainly a record, even if in line with the price offered. The entrepreneur talked about how this purchase serves to maintain free speech around the world, with Twitter being particularly important on this issue.

Although there are no details at the moment regarding how the platform will change after this acquisition, it therefore seems that freedom of speech will be the basis of the management of Elon Musk entirely, given that the man seems to have carried out the operation in question precisely for this.

While it therefore seemed that Twitter was unwilling to accept the offer, something has changed in the course of work and everything has now been signed. This then leads the 9.2% of the entrepreneur obtained to a much greater privilege, namely control of the company . All that remains is to see how everything evolves over the next few weeks, hoping that Elon Musk will soon shed some light on any changes he wishes to make after the edit button.


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