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Elon Musk goes on the counterattack: he denounced Twitter


Elon Musk sets out to counterattack. His legal team also filed a lawsuit against Twitter . The lawyers submitted a 164-page dossier, but its content has not yet been disclosed to the public. A matter of a few hours, however: American laws require maximum transparency, and soon it will be possible to discover the claims of the billionaire.

Musk filed his counter-suit within hours of the announcement presented by Judge Kathaleen McCormick , the woman who presides over the Delaware Court of Chancery and who will have to decide on the lawsuit filed by Twitter against Elon Musk. The trial – McCormick made official yesterday – will begin on 17 October. The verdict could come in a flash: five days later. The judge has decided to go into fifth gear to prevent times from expanding excessively, with the risk that the excess waiting will result in a debacle on the stock market for Twitter. It would be a potentially irreversible catastrophe.

The controversy, in short: in May, Elon Musk had unexpectedly presented a binding offer to buy 100% of Twitter. The irrefutable proposal? $ 44 billion, with compensation of $ 54.20 per share, which is much more than their market value. Then, the afterthought. “Twitter lied to us about the number of active bots on the platform.” And from there two months of nightmare, marked by an indefinite tiramolla in which it was not clear what would become of the agreement. It turned out that on July 8 Elon Musk officially withdrew his proposal, being sued by Twitter.

The lawsuit filed by Elon Musk’s lawyers – the conditions of which we do not yet know – further complicates a case that already promised to be extremely delicate and complex.


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