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Enthusiasts are preparing Russian dubbing of It Takes Two for PC


GamesVoice announced work on Russian voice acting for It Takes Two for PC . The studio is preparing its own version of the unofficial dubbing, which the Mechanics VoiceOver team is also working on .


The project was commissioned by a sponsor last fall, so GamesVoice has already prepared most of the roles. Enthusiasts presented a teaser showing the first recordings in the studio and noted that “localization will not take long.”

In the video you can hear the voices of such actors as Konstantin Karasik, Sergei Chikhachev, Natalya Grebenkina, Veronika Sarkisova, Fyodor Sukhov, Alexander Skidanov and Vladislav Kopp. The release date for the unofficial dub of It Takes Two has not been announced.

In addition to PC, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. On these platforms there is an official translation into Russian with subtitles.



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