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Epic Games denies claims of ransomware attack

Epic Games has officially confirmed that there is no evidence that its systems have been hacked. Epic Games is known for Fortnite, the Unreal Engine game engine and free giveaways in the Epic Games Store, so a successful hack could potentially lead to a leak of confidential data of the company and its customers.



According to Cyber Daily, a hacking group called Mogilevich claimed to have successfully hacked Epic Games and stolen about 189 GB of data, including emails, passwords, customer payment information and even source codes. The site also reported that the group had given Epic Games until March 4 to pay an undisclosed amount and avoid leaking the stolen goods. However, it seems that this whole extortion story turned out to be fake.

Epic Games confirmed through its official social media account that there is “no evidence” of a successful ransomware attack and clarified that the group has not contacted Epic with ransom demands. In addition, Epic Games stated that it investigated the incident and contacted Mogilevich shortly after, but has not yet received any confirmation of an actual attack.



While Epic Games may have escaped the hack this time, ransomware attacks have been causing a lot of problems for the gaming industry in recent years. Last year, for example, Sony confirmed a large-scale data hack at Insomniac Games. The information was leaked after Insomniac Games failed to pay the required $2 million to hacker group Rhjysida.


Then it became known about five unannounced studio projects, including a Venom spin-off for 2025, a Wolverine game, Spider-Man 3, a new part of Ratchet and Clank and an X-Men game for 2030. Personal information of Insomniac employees was also leaked. A few days after the incident at Sony, Ubisoft began investigating a possible hack after screenshots of the company’s internal software appeared on the Internet. Fortunately, this leak was not as large-scale as Insomniac’s.


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