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Epic Games vs Apple: the first appeal hearing will be held in October


The appeal process in the Apple vs Epic Games case will begin on October 21st . At the time, the court had agreed to Apple on almost every point, rejecting – among other things – the request to reintegrate the game Fortnite within the AppStore.

Fortnite is Epic Games’ most important multiplayer game and is played by millions of users all over the world, but since August 2020 it is no longer available on the iPhone marketplace. The reason? The software house had tried to circumvent external payment policies , allowing users to purchase the game’s currency without going through Apple’s payment services.

The affair had ended in a California court, which had found Epic wrong on almost every point, except for one . But it doesn’t matter, because the software house was also forced to pay the court costs to Apple, as well as the penalties due for violating the AppStore policies.

Next 21 October we start all over again, or almost. The Ninth Court of San Francisco will be called to decide again on the dispute. During the preliminary hearing, the two parties will have 20 minutes to present their reasons. Representatives of the US Department of Justice and the State of California, as well as a lawyer called to represent 35 different states in the US, are also expected to speak during the hearing.


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