Epilepsy: decalogue for the fight against discrimination


Lice (Italian League Against Epilepsy) presented a handbook with the fight against stigma and discrimination on epilepsy at the center . One way to improve the lives of patients with this disease and decrease the impact of the disease. A meeting that dealt with prevention and therapy paths.

The meeting “Epilepsies, Stigma and Knowledge” was held in the Senate taking to heart the adequate assistance of patients with epilepsy and access to treatment. A path of therapy that is right for those who are monitored by drugs and especially for those who have a drug- resistant form of epilepsy . Another essential theme is the research in the field of epilepsy and the inclusion of this pathology in chronic diseases at the Ministry of Health.

The meeting also involved the Italian Society of Neurology (Sin), the Patients’ Associations and IBE (International Bureau for Epilepsy). Lice made a request to establish a permanent National Observatory for epilepsy and their respective families. In addition, he also asked for a technical table with clinical experts and beyond, drug industries and regulatory bodies.


One third of people with epilepsy are not sensitive to drug treatment, accounting for the largest share of spending on the Health Service and caregivers. If the seizures recur despite drug therapy, people with epilepsy can no longer be autonomous. Families are alone in the face of a devastating disease that causes unpredictable and dangerous episodes. In addition to the pharmacological burden that affects cognitive and physical development, drug-resistant epilepsies do not allow a satisfactory social, school and working life. Scientific research must be implemented to find new, more targeted and appropriate treatments for all types of patients. Surgery, which was successful in 70% of cases, it must be increased in the face of the current presence of a few centers in Italy and a low number of patients who can be treated. Palliative therapies (ketogenic diet, vagus nerve stimulation) must be available to those who cannot undergo traditional surgery.


Dr. Laura Tassi, president of the Lice

  • Epilepsy: from Lice a decalogue that focuses on the fight against stigma (


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