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Escape from Tarkov players will be able to pay for money to expand the cache and gain access to offline co-op

Battlestate Games released a technical update for Escape from Tarkov , in the list of changes it mentioned the imminent appearance of microtransactions in the shooter. For money, players will be able to expand their stash space and gain access to offline co-op.


Previously, such privileges were only available to buyers of enhanced editions of Escape from Tarkov . Now anyone can increase their stash and gain access to offline co-op, regardless of the edition they purchased.

Paid options will be available on the official Escape from Tarkov website in the player’s profile.

Separately, Battlestate Games noted that buyers of Edge of Darknes will still have the opportunity to play in offline co-op. This edition has recently been withdrawn from sale.

Escape from Tarkov is available on PC in closed beta status.


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