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Escape the Mad Empire demo will present an unusual combination of genres

Paradox Interactive has announced that it will publish Escape the Mad Empire from XperimentalZ Games under the Paradox Arc label. An early access release is planned for this year, but in the meantime, you can try the demo.


The development of Escape the Mad Empire has been fairly quiet for several years. However, now, with the support of Paradox, a new trailer and demo have been released. And already from the video, it is clear that the game represents a unique combination of action and tactics in the gameplay.

Although Escape the Mad Empire can be called a roguelike full of loot, here you control a squad of adventurers. However, this is not a turn-based game – the action takes place in real time. To control multiple characters, you can enable a tactical pause to stop time and issue commands that will be instantly executed when the pause is cancelled.

This system conveniently combines dynamics with the ability to unleash powerful combo attacks on hordes of enemies. There is also a cover system that encourages movement so that spellcasters don’t stand in the way like idiots.

Escape the Mad Empire is scheduled for early access release in 2024.



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