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Even Google can go offline: how do you live in 2022 without a search engine?


Google ‘s search engine can also go offline, leaving us with more than a few dilemmas about our dependence on the products of a handful of web giants. It happened on August 8th, when the search engine stopped working properly for millions of people around the world.

In the same hours, Google reported that one of its American data centers, in Iowa, had been sent offline following an electrical short . The accident slightly injured three different electricians who rushed to the scene. The company then specified that the two events are not related to each other.

In addition to the search engine, Google Maps and some other applications of the Mountain View giant have also gone offline. Again: other dilemmas about our dependence on Google’s products. Have any of you ever thought about downloading Bing Maps on your phone? Here, in fact.

Fortunately, the inefficiencies were corrected relatively quickly. Google’s services were offline for just 30 minutes. Most users probably didn’t notice anything, since the problem remained confined to some specific geographic areas, such as Portugal and Pakistan.

Attempting to do a Google search, affected users would receive back the message: “The server logged an error and was unable to handle your request.” Google then clarified that the down was due to an update that would have compromised the correct configuration of some of its data centers.



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