Explosion enigma in Crimea: accident or attack by Ukraine

The violent explosion that took place the previous day at the Saki Air Base used by the Russians on the Crimean Peninsula, which was again annexed by Russia in 2014, turned into a mystery.

While the Russian side claimed that the explosion at the air base occurred as a result of the careless behavior of the officials, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine mockingly interpreted the explosion with the sentence, “Didn’t we tell you not to smoke randomly in military facilities”.



Russia announced that a soldier died at the Saki base and 13 people were injured. Residents within a 30km radius of the base were also evacuated. The Ukrainian Air Force also made a statement yesterday, claiming that 9 Russian warplanes of the type SU-24, SU-30 and IL-76 at Saki base became unusable. It was stated that hundreds of tons of ammunition thrown from the air to the land in the warehouses of the base exploded. Speaking to the American New York Times newspaper, a Ukrainian official stated that Ukraine was behind the explosion.


On The Other Hand, President Of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski made a new statement regarding the situation in Crimea. Speaking about when the war with Russia will end, Zelenski said, “The war will only end when our Crimean peninsula is taken back. “For a ceasefire to be declared, Russian troops must return to their positions before February 24,” he said.


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