Facebook no longer lets some accounts log in without Facebook Protect


During the month of March, some Facebook users found themselves receiving emails from the company talking about how it was necessary to enable Facebook Protect on their accounts. There is talk of the technology that allows you to keep your data safe, but which has been ignored by many, imagining that it was just spam, with particularly serious results, given that some now no longer have the way to log in.

As reported on the pages of 9to5Mac , anyone who did not carry out the process may have been cut off from the platform, as it was a particularly urgent project. At the moment it seems that this is not a problem affecting all users, but only some particularly prominent ones who could have attracted attacks on their accounts, even though the company used the email easy to exchange as unofficial and quite false.

This is actually a simple activation of two-step authentication, therefore still important to activate, with Facebook luckily taking over the situation. The company has in fact provided information on how to re-enter your accounts after you have found yourself out of them, with some users turning to the platform on Twitter for help.

Facebook’s Head of Security Policy, Nathaniel Gleicher , officially confirmed the problem and confirmed that the team is currently working to help all those who have found themselves out of their account illegitimately, and who will therefore be supported simply by contacting to the platform looking for a solution to log in again as usual.




  • Some users are locked out of FB account if they didn’t to set up Facebook Protect (only if prompted to enroll) (PhoneArena)


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