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Facebook now allows you to create Reel from live gameplay

Thanks to a novelty introduced for the Facebook gaming platform, it is now possible and very easy to create Reels from live clips.


The Facebook platform continues to update itself with news also for what concerns the gaming sector, in this specific case we are dealing with a novelty regarding sharing. There is talk of the possibility of quickly switching from clips to Reel thanks to the feature in question.

After the whole thing was announced in the course of last month, the company has finally been able to implement everything for all partners. Specifically, we talk about the possibility of cutting the clips you prefer from your gameplay, creating Reel with a maximum duration of 60 seconds , which obviously are proposed vertically.

All this happens for the ability to quickly share clips and VODs from your Creator Studio library , with everything being particularly useful in order to allow content creators to increase their visibility.

As explained by the giant, the novelty will take care of everything, and it will be sufficient to go to the sharing tab in order to share what has been achieved with other users, posting it on your page and possibly adding stickers, music, GIFs and not just downloading everything then reload it on Instagram .

  • Facebook Gaming now lets creators turn their live gameplay clips into Reels (TechCrunch)


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