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Facebook will soon shut down the live shopping feature


There are not a few cases in which platforms are forced to abandon some formats and functions that were once particularly useful, considering, among other things, that in sectors such as social networks we find ourselves dealing with a constant evolution, which recently led Facebook to want to completely abandon live shopping in a very short time .

As explained by the company, everything has the aim of placing the full attention of the social media giant in the Reels , with users who starting from 1 October 2022 will no longer be able to kick off new events on the platform, with Facebook Live. which will remain usable for live users, although it will not be possible to use playlists or product tags.

Everything was made available on the platform about two years back, as the pages of TechCrunch explain , although the platform finds itself after a very short time to want to abandon everything, ending its availability.

Live shopping will remain available on Instagram, and certainly the well-known social network still allows you to sell products and buy from many sellers thanks to various methods, which certainly in various cases can be more efficient and in step with the times.

  • Facebook is shutting down its live shopping feature on October 1 (TechCrunch)


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