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Factorio developers have unveiled a major landscape update for the upcoming expansion.

In their latest Facts Friday blog post, the developers of factory-building game Factorio revealed a major update to the game’s terrain generation system. The changes that will be introduced in the upcoming addition to the game are designed to bring many new features and improvements to the game’s starting planet – Nauvis.



The update, which was a solo side project of one of the developers, was originally driven by a desire to improve the sand dunes and rock generation in the game. However, as development progressed, it quickly grew into a complete overhaul of the game’s terrain generation system.


One of the most significant changes is the introduction of new types of terrain, including mesas and canyons. These new terrain features are generated using a complex system of noise expressions and elevation data, allowing greater control over their placement and distribution.

The developers have also made significant changes to the system for placing decorative objects in the game. By changing the distribution of objects such as trees and rocks, they were able to create a more diverse and distinctive environment.



However, perhaps the most exciting change is the introduction of natural trails. By combining data from the game’s new terrain features, such as land bridges and cliff edges, the developers were able to create a system of natural trails that wind through the game’s forests and canyons. These paths make exploring and navigating the game world much more intuitive and enjoyable.


The developers emphasized that these changes are still being tested and that further improvements and improvements are possible in the future. However, they are confident that the new terrain system will provide players with a more fun and immersive experience when the expansion launches.


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