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Fallout 5 confirmed by Todd Howard: will arrive after The Elder Scrolls 6


Fallout 5 will happen. Todd Howard actually confirmed this to IGN’s microphones, while providing some details on Starfield and discussing The Elder Scrolls 6. More precisely, Howard stated that the active development of the new Fallout will begin right after the closure of the new The Elder Scrolls.

Yes, at the moment The Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production, we will do the next Fallout after him – said Todd Howard

It is certainly not the first time that Howard talks about Fallout 5. Last year the director pointed out how much the series was part of Bethesda’s DNA and how in reality there were already ideas on the new chapter written in black and white. Clearly Fallout 5 is not the only project Bethesda will have to look after in the next few years, so to receive more details on the future of the series we will most likely still have to wait a long time.

As for Starfield , however, Todd Howard stated that the game will be extremely dense and extended, the most ambitious title the team has ever created. We will be able to visit over 1000 planets and the main quest, net of secondary missions and all other activities, will last between 30 and 40 hours. In total there will be more than 200,000 lines of dialogue.

  • So Todd Howard just confirmed Fallout 5 after The Elder Scrolls VI…. (


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