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Fallout director says trying to please fans would be a fool’s errand

Director Jonathan Nolan admitted that Amazon’s Fallout series was created without fans in mind.



Nolan, who viewers may know as the creator of CBS’s Person of Interest and HBO’s Westworld, as well as the brother of Christopher Nolan, shared his vision for Fallout during a recent press event for the series.


According to British news portal T3 , during his speech at the event, Nolan expressed the opinion that trying to make the series in a way that pleases longtime fans of the franchise is simply futile.



I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to please fans of anything. Or even to please anyone other than yourself.


I think you need to get to work and try to make the show that you want to watch. Trusting that, as a fan too, you can find the elements that are important to you… and try to present the best version.


To allay fans’ concerns about the show’s respect for the source material, Nolan emphasized that he himself is a big Fallout fan:


For me, it all started with Fallout 3, which consumed about a year of my life.


It’s worth noting that Fallout 3 was the first game made by Bethesda rather than original developers Black Isle Studios, and there is a huge split among fans as to which of the two companies handled the franchise better.


I was an aspiring young writer at the time, and Fallout 3 nearly derailed my entire career. She’s so insanely entertaining and fun…seriously, I love this series.


Fallout premieres April 11 on Amazon Prime.


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