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Fallout: New Vegas devs under Xbox wing talk about wanting to return to Fallout once again


Obsidian Entertainment, which has become part of the Xbox, is currently definitely not working on a new Fallout, since all its forces and resources go to the production of the already announced Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, as well as support for Grounded


However, in the future, the team would like to return to the famous post-apocalyptic brand, especially since Bethesda is now also owned by MicrosoftFergus Urquhart, head of Obsidian Entertainment, spoke about this in an interview with reporters. 

“We are not working on a new Fallout. So far, there has not even been such talk. Now the studio is completely occupied with Avowed, Grounded and The Outer Worlds 2, so it’s too early to even talk about the next games. Perhaps the situation will change by the end of the year. In general Let’s stop there for now, there are no concrete plans, nothing has been agreed upon. 

However, I will note and repeat what I said before. I would really like to do another Fallout before the end of my career. When that will happen, I cannot say. Funny enough, depending on my mood, I see things differently. Sometimes I am “already 52 years old”, and sometimes “only 52 years old”. To put it simply, I keep hoping [for a return to Fallout], but for now we’ll just wait – we’ll see,” said Fergus Urquhart. 

It is noteworthy that game designer Josh Sawyer recently noted for the role-playing game Pentiment, also spoke about returning to Fallout. The New Vegas senior designer admitted that he would also like to work with the brand again, including in new settings. For example, by creating a game in a location in New Orleans or even outside the US. 

Recall that Fallout: New Vegas, created by Obsidian Entertainment, debuted in 2010. It was developed under contract with Bethesda Softworks. Today, both companies are part of Microsoft’s gaming division.

Fallout: New Vegas devs under Xbox wing talk about wanting to return to Fallout once again
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