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Fifa 23: all the news of the career mode

After our first bird’s eye reveal of Fifa 23, here we can start talking to you about the specific news of each mode. Let’s start with the career mode.

Waiting for September 30 (27 for those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition) here’s what we can expect from the career mode of the latest Fifa ( we tell you here the end of the marriage between EA and FIFA).


A New Main Menu Experience – A new and revamped menu design makes your career as a player or manager more intuitive in FIFA 23 , giving you more information to simplify the tasks, training, transfers and all other actions of the Career mode.

Playable Key Moments – Don’t want to play the full 90 minutes of a game? With the Key Moments feature you can experience only the most exciting actions of each match to significantly contribute to defining the outcome of the match. From winning at the last minute with a corner kick to defending a dangerous attack, you can play through dynamically generated match highlights for a faster, more adrenaline-pumping experience.

Dynamic Moments – Celebrate key moments or milestones in your career as a player or manager with the new Dynamic Moments. Thanks to cinematic sequences generated dynamically by AI, you can experience first-hand the most important off-pitch events such as the entry of the owner of your team or the arrival in a new club as a player, the signing of an important player or the sale of a key player as a manager.

The news of the Fifa 23 player career

Player Career Personality – For the first time in Fifa, a fluid personality system has been introduced that creates a deeper bond between player and player and allows you to define your character in game through choices on and off the pitch. Will you choose to throw or place the ball for a teammate? Will you visit an injured partner or go dancing? Invest in a tech startup or will you buy a sports car? The game will collect and analyze your actions to define your personality, with post-match summaries and off-pitch actions, such as how you will spend your salary and investments to unlock new opportunities.


The news of the career manager of Fifa 23

Royal Managers – You can take on the role of some of the most famous names in football in FIFA 23 Career mode. You can customize the appearance, choose the club and the team of great managers such as Jürgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, Thomas Tuchel and many others.

Transfer Analyst – A new transfer feedback system in Career Manager will take into account the impact of your player purchases and sales to gauge their influence on your club. The analysis of your finances, including your negotiation skills, will allow you to understand if it was a good deal for your club, while the level of your purchases compared to the current squad and the effect on your team’s fortunes will also be evaluated. based on their impact on your performance.


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