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Fifa 23: Volta Football and Pro Clubs news on Cross-play

Our deep dive continues in the various modes of Fifa 23. Today it’s up to Volta Football and Pro Clubs with updates also on Cross-Play.

“I share your desire to see cross-play in Pro Club and I understand the frustration of not having seen it included in the Fifa 23 launch ” with these words Richard Walz, Game Design Director of Pro Club and VOLTA Football, began his report of upcoming improvements.


He goes on to say “As for the future of cross-play, we are focused on matchmaking in Pro Clubs, Volta and FUT Co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invitations and finally cross-platform Pro Clubs. We look forward to providing updates in the future as the team continues to implement the plan for the future of cross-play ”. So an almost acceptable “we’re working on it” from the development team, not a bad starting point.

Pro Clubs and Volta Football together

With Fifa 23 it will finally be possible to make progress regardless of the mode you choose to play with your friends, whether it is the most realistic Pro Clubs or the most acrobatic Volta. “We are also introducing an element of live service in the Pro Clubs – continues Walz – through the progress of the seasons shared between Pro Club and Volta Football, to earn and unlock new content for your Avatar throughout the year”. The system will have 100 levels, like the classic battle passes.

Club XP from VOLTA FOOTBALL matches

All Volta Football games, including Arcades, will now give you Pro Club player growth XP. You can level up your Pro by hitting your friends with dodgeball balls, beating them at Foot Tennis or scoring as many games as possible. points in one of our new arcade games, Battle Buckets.


Changes to match rating and level system

To further reward player contribution to Pro Club matches, a more diverse range of game actions will award XP for player growth and the amount of XP awarded per action has been changed. This is to ensure a fairer distribution of XP points for support players who contribute to success without putting the ball at the back of the net.

Bottom Line: Whether you play Volta Football (Arcades, Teams and Battles) or Pro Clubs (Drop-Ins, League, Cup and Friendly Matches), you will earn Seasonal Points (SP) that will help unlock new gear for your Virtual Pro. Season points earned will contribute to the same seasonal event progression system shared between the two modes. Seasonal Events will continue to run in the same way and at the same (mostly) six-week cadence they had in Fifa 22. This means that each season there will be new content to earn and unlock for both Pro Clubs and Avatars. TIME.

You can find in detail the implementations of Hypermotion 2 and all the updates to the individual game modes at this link. We will meet again soon to talk about the most anticipated mode of all: FUT.


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