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Fifa Mobile gets a makeover: here are the news

Fifa Mobile has just announced the latest title update now available for iOS and Android devices.



The latest update coming to Fifa Mobile will include a brand new Manager mode , which will allow players to plan strategies, adapt tactics in real time to overcome opponents and win matches to earn rewards and climb the ranks of Division Rivals and become a Champion. Fifa.

Manager Mode is a fully automatic mode, giving players full control over the team’s tactics and strategies, putting players in command of dozens of different tactical levers. There are 4 preset tactics, including Attack, Control, Tackle and Defense . The choice of tactics will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of the team, but also on the opponent and the game situation. Fifa Mobile will also allow players to customize their tactics and modify the 4 existing tactics or completely rework them to suit the needs of their team.

Also new in the latest update is that fans will be able to support their favorite national teams by equipping their teams with kits, logos and badges from over 30 national teams. The update will also include brand new gameplay improvements, including new player switching options, improved goalkeepers, and adapted weak foot errors.

Manager mode is now available in EA Sports Fifa Mobile on iOS and Android devices


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