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Filming of the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2 from Christophe Hahn has completed

The other day, Jeremy Irvine, who plays James Sunderland, announced on his social networks the completion of the filming process of the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2, which was called Return to Silent Hill.



Irwin posted photos from the set and wrote that the film will be released “soon.”

Hannah Emily Anderson also played in the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2. She played James’s lover. Whether it will be Mary or another character is unknown.



The plot of the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2 at a basic level repeats the original Team Silent game. The main character goes to the city of Silent Hill in search of his girlfriend, having received a mysterious letter. On the spot, James is confronted with the horrors of the city and gradually begins to doubt the sanity of his mind.


The script for the film adaptation of Silent Hill 2 was written by Christophe Hahn himself, along with Sandra Vo-Anh and William Joseph Schneider. The premiere date is unknown.


Earlier, the domestic film company Volga announced that it would bring Return to Silent Hill to Russia.


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