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Final Fantasy 14, update 6.18 coming next month: here are all the details

Final Fantasy 14 will soon receive the 6.18 update which will introduce several new features. Here are all the details.


Final Fantasy 14 update 6.18 has a release date and will introduce a number of new features including new worlds , some bonuses for EXP and gil. The new update will arrive on July 5, 2022 and will be released in two phases.

Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that four new worlds will be introduced, two Light and two Chaos. The worlds of Chaos are called Sagittarius  and Phantom , the worlds of Light are Alpha and Raiden . There will be a maintenance period lasting 24 hours following which the new worlds will be introduced. A character data submission system will also be added that will allow you to temporarily send your character to another data center to play alongside other people who are native to that data center.

Creating a new character in one of the new worlds in Final Fantasy 14 will grant double EXP until you reach character level 80. In addition you will receive 10 silver chocobo feathers that can be exchanged for gear.

The same will apply if you decide to transfer a character to a new world. Again you will earn double EXP up to level 80, but there will be a 90 day limit after the transfer, and you will also get 10 golden chocobo feathers.




  • FFXIV patch 6.18 release date confirmed, new worlds coming July (


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