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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo received a patch with a new location and graphics improvements

Square Enix has released an update to the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo , which added a location in the vicinity of Junon to a piece of the remake, and also improved the picture quality in the “Performance” mode. Players have previously complained about “soap”.



According to the developers, the content in the location near Junon is unique to the demo – something different will be in the full version. The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo update size is approximately 1.7 GB.


For completing the demo, you will be given two in-game items that can be transferred to the full version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth . Among them are Kupo Charm – increases the amount of resources received and Survival Set – a set of healers and ethers.



The full release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will take place on February 29 only on PS5. Ratings for the second part of the remake will appear on February 22.


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