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Final Fantasy XVI: Party members will be controlled by the AI


In Final Fantasy XVI , the party will be present , but players will be able to control only the protagonist: Clive Rosfield. All other members will be managed by the AI . The news came directly from Naoki Yoshida, producer of the game, who during an interview released to, in an Italian exclusive, revealed numerous details on the combat system, on the party and on the fights between the Eikon.

The protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI will have several travel companions and some of these will also participate in the battles, in any case, underlined the producer, all will be controlled by the AI ​​without the possibility of intervention by the player.

We didn’t want to overwhelm the fans by revealing too much in the latest trailer, so we mostly focused on Clive’s battles, ”Yoshida explained. “Having said that, it is important to say that for most of the trip Clive will be accompanied by one or more teammates. These will participate in the battles and talk to him, but they will be controlled by the AI, so players will be able to concentrate using only Clive.

Continuing, Yoshida stated that there will be a single and partial exception, since Clive will also be joined by a ” companion ” who can be assigned simple commands: ” For example, you can tell him to heal you or attack a specific enemy ” explained the producer. ” The commands can be assigned manually or they can be automated according to the player’s fighting style “.

It is not clear if this “companion” will be supporting actor or if it is a non-human creature. Moreover, Yoshida added that the Torgal cub seen in the first trailer could play an important role in the story, accompanying Clive and assisting him in the battles.



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