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Final Fantasy XVI: The next trailer will reveal new elements of the story


Naoki Yoshida is back to talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI trailer that we will see this fall . During a long interview with Famitsu’s microphones, the game’s producer unveiled some small previews on the new video that we will see between September and December of this year.

Yoshida confirmed that the trailer will be dedicated this time to the plot and the game world , adding that the work on the storyboard and on the composition of the movie have already been completed. However, the Final Fantasy XVI team has yet to record and edit all gameplay footage intended for use in the trailer.

Finally, the producer said he was then satisfied with the welcome given to the latest gameplay trailer “Dominance”, shown at the latest Sony State of Play and anxious to be able to show new aspects of the production with the next movie. .

In the same interview, Yoshida also talked about the choice not to include turn-based fights in this last chapter and the reasons that led the team not to consider the open world setting. 

We remind you that Final Fantasy XVI will be available in the summer of 2023 exclusively on PS5.



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